Competative Teams

As an "E-Sports" club, we allow ALL games to be playes

League of Legends

League of Legend is the most popular PvP computer game that is in CHS and we even used to have a Cerritos "League Team" and this is a way to reignite the spark of those 5 challenger players who made school history and an inspiration to strive to follow in their footsteps. Lol is a HUGE game and there are many chances to make friends and if you can bring 5 togther in the roles of Adc, Support, Jungle, Top and Mid then you can quilify to have a competative team and then go out and seek your glory in the spotlight.


Overwatch is now a HUGE game that has been poping up, a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game that requres a team of 5 that have good synergy, flexible to the map and what the enemy chooses for a team comp, and really good mechanics with thier hero. This new game really reveals the skill in new players and is a hub for talent and has a lot of potential for growth. Set up your team up and show your skill under the stage lights and come back victoius with your team and make our school prideful. Prove your skill.


Have a game in mind that you cant to go comppetative in? TELL US, if you can organize a team required for your game we will GLADLY concider it and try our best to make it work and will help you as much as we can. Please we need to grow and your ideas and feedback will help SO much and hey, how would it feeling knowing that YOU are the one who created a team to bring back titles for our school? AWESOME