Competitive Teams

As an "E-Sports" club, we allow ALL games to be playes

League of Legends

League of Legend is the most popular PvP computer game that is in CHS and we even used to have a Cerritos "League Team" and this is a way to reignite the spark of those 5 challenger players who made school history and an inspiration to strive to follow in their footsteps. Lol is a HUGE game and there are many chances to make friends and if you can bring 5 togther in the roles of Adc, Support, Jungle, Top and Mid then you can quilify to have a competative team and then go out and seek your glory in the spotlight.


CSGO is one of the best FPS that is HUGE in popularity, and requires a lot of concetration, skill, and coordination between your teammates. This game can have emence positive effects in gaming in general because of all the tactical thinking that is requred to play as well as map awarness requring you to constanlty check your mini map for enemies and when and when not to go. If a team of 5 can manage to group together they also have a chance to earn their titles and win competitions representing our school.

Branching out

For the club to grow, we have publitize our program and reach out to as many people as we can, friends, family, anyone; and dont force peoiple to joion us, the poijn of this club is to get poeple together and make long lasting friendships, get bettter at our favorite games, and become a big family.