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When the club becomes official, there weill be REAL events and news will go up

Club Meet up

The first order of business is to get everyone who interested in the club together and plan out how everyone will enjoy the club and benifit everyone. We will introduce the staff and the people who made the club then announce the sign up for positions for the new club and who will be interviewed to get which position.

Choosing the teams

The E-Sports club plans to have competative teams in many different games and this day would be dedicated to sitting down with all the different teams and rosters for a specific type of game and we are very open-minded to and game. Teams have to have the game specified, as well as a roster, and possible team events that could be participated in, and from there we go and expand.

Branching out

For the club to grow, we have publitize our program and reach out to as many people as we can, friends, family, anyone; and dont force peoiple to joion us, the poijn of this club is to get poeple together and make long lasting friendships, get bettter at our favorite games, and become a big family.