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When the club becomes official, there weill be REAL events and news will go up

The President of the E-Sports Branch

Joseph Younan is the one who created the entire club, as well as the website striving to give all the other gmaers in the world the same positive experience that gaming has done on his life. He could be reached via email at

The Overseer

Mr. Crow himself, the one and only legend, the best meme of 2k16 would be the teacher who would make all this possible, withought him, this website would not have been learned to be created, nor the club even pass withought his tremendous aid and just being a freaking amazing guy in general. Contace him in calss hehe XD

The Founder of the Club

David created this club and is the president of the Video Game Design branch of the club, you should all check this branch out becuase the design gives you the skills to create video games, and you could bring it to this branch to have gamer feedback. We are all on family here and is possible thanks to david!

This could be you

This slot is still yet to be filled, so far only Joseph and Mr.crow are the only two registered memebers so far and with the given information from the forum, this slot will be filled by whoever passes the interview with flying colors and proves to be the most reponcible and capable for handeling this position.